This page is designed to serve as a posting guide for our contributors. If you want to be a contributor, you need to have an account on Micro.Blog and then Register here.

When posting we are always trying to include the following. Don’t worry if you don’t … we are keeping tabs and adding missing context post publication. That said – adding a featured image at time of publishing will mean that the image reaches the Twitter Account where the posts are automatically syndicated – as well of course to Micro Blog.

  • Featured Image
    • that gets associated with the post as it moved through the networks.
  • Categories
    • Predefined broad categories to help readers navigate
  • Tags
    • free form tags that the writer thinks are important and might help navigation in the future
  • Post Types falling into
    • ‘Standard’ – a normal post with a headline
    • ‘Aside’ – a title-less post.

If you use ‘Aside’ – the featured image you include in the post will automatically appear as part of the post, if you use standard, it will not.

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