We are live and fully operational.

First – A warm welcome to two more new contributors:

Jacob Gorban

Best Of Times

Total Contributor Count Is Now 5 Micro Bloggers and more to come we hope.

As they arrive, and contributing for the first time, we are updating the contributors page.

We have done a little bit of CSS tweaking – but that can – and will – always be improved.

Web Mentions are working – courtesy of Joe Jenett

I have re-enabled my old associated twitter account. So, as we post here, it of course arrives on Micro.Blog – but it is now also syndicated to Just Good Music on Twitter I probably need to revisit who is being followed – and when happy will expose the feed on the site swell.

Please let me know if there is anything more you would specifically like to see.

One outstanding thing that I am wrestling to the ground.

I do want to work out how to bring the đŸŽ” discover feed onto this site.

According to this

https://micro.blog/posts/discover/music – should allow us to pull posts flagged đŸŽ” – I just need a suitable JSON feed plugin. Any recommendations?


If anybody feels inspired and want so to improve on the logo image – I am ready!

To Be Clear … Originally written by my friend in 2003 … ‘JP – the other one’. Still true today … no?

Lately I haven’t derived the same pleasure from my music collection, or even music in general, that I’ve been accustomed to my whole life. I’m trying to figure this out.

It used to be simpler, I think. You would reach an age – let’s say 30 on average – and pretty much drop out of the current music scene. Your record collection would begin to age like fine wine. You’d stop going to gigs and reading Rolling Stone and Down Beat, and the station presets in your car were no longer college stations playing the wide range of emerging new stuff, but the major commercial channels playing bands who are all 6 months away from being featured in a Lexus commercial. There was a clear dividing line between the stuff the kids and the grown-ups listened to that has faded, blurred and, finally, today, disappeared.

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A new page on Just Good Music provides an index to our contributors.

From the page you can bounce out to the individual’s account on Micro Blog and/or a list of all their posts on the blog.

The original point of this site and account was so that musically oriented members of micro.blog could have a place to post and write about all things music and in turn we had a single place that over time becomes a repository.

If you want to be a contributor – let me know and I will add you to the site.

If this all works out, I will commit more resources to it.

If there are graphic design oriented people out there – perghaps they could do a logo for the site/account.

If there are more technically minded – help in getting things like web mentions running on the site would be very welcome.

I am also thinking if there is a way we can tie the music emoji tag that runs through the micro blog site to route here aswell – regardless of the post owner being a contributor. Thoughts?