This is a great piece by Ted Gioia. If you don’t know him, he wrote a great book called ‘The History of Jazz’ (1997) that is a great read. I was given it as a gift when it came out – I’d never heard of him and, to be honest, haven’t heard much since. I recently stumbled across his YouTube channel – he has less than 700 subscribers and this video has less than 5000 views.

I don’t think Ted is doing it for the views. Given the regular discussions that come up about streaming services – physical media or streaming, which streaming service is the best – this may be of interest. It’s only 10 minutes long and it takes a wider view of what streaming might mean for music and, indeed, what it might mean for visual media too.

For the record (pun absolutely intended!), I’m with Ted on this one.

2 thoughts on “🎵 Stream or Own?

  1. @cassinato – His style of delivery aside – might explain his low numbers – BUT his topic is certainly interesting. Music itself on borrowed time …. no … I get his concern for music pre (chhose your date) disappearing … but this transitoin is only just starting … no we should’t trust the tech companies – but alternatives will appear – and endowment grants will come into play and all kinds of things – that we havent yet got t.

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