Or didn’t even know ….

I have been a fan of Nick Beggs since his days with Kajagoogoo – so was delighted when I learnt that he had joined Steven Wilson – both in touring and studio.

Fast forward to today – and a rapid exchange on Micro Blog re ‘The Chapman Stick’ with @jacob caused me to rapidly fire back with my usual glib one liner – on this occasion calling out Tony Levin as being single handidly responsible for the promotion of The Chapman Stick in Rock Music. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not lost on me that there are other phenomenal Stick players out there – but this was as it pertained to King Crimson.

Jacob replied – and I went off to eat some crow pie.

Not only had I forgotten about Nick (so focussed on King Crimson that I was), but discovered a player I had never heard of … Trey Gunn.

Anastasio was the only musical called ‘Trey’ in my catalogue.

Anyway, suffice to say that, I have now visited Apple Music and look forward to exploring the delights later on this evening.

Thankyou Jacob

4 thoughts on “🎵 Things You Forget

  1. I love Nick. He’s such an amazing Stick player, and a great guy (I talked to him a few times when I started learning to play the Stick).

    Trey Gunn is amazing too. You need to check out his project, Quodia. There’s a video element to the music (as it’s performance art), but the music is pretty great too. His work with KC in the 90s and 00s was very inspiring to me as well.

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