I’ve been assisting John Philpin in optimizing the site and noticed several author profiles with missing avatars. I believe I’ve identified the reason and a workaround but before implementing a solution, I have two questions for each of you. My questions are at the end of this post.

If you want to reply by comment, a simple ‘yes’ or no to each question is I need. If you prefer you may contact me privately.


  1. Do you have a Gravatar profile? (just say ‘no’ if not sure)
  2. If your avatar is one of the missing ones, do you want your own custom avatar to appear on your Just Good Music profile?


5 thoughts on “Attn: Site Authors

  1. Jacob – Thanks for responding.

    John – Yep. I think email address used is the key factor. If an author has a Gravatar profile, it’s based on a single email address so their user profile here would have to use the same an address matching one listed in their Gravatar profile. In the case of those without Gravatar profiles, I guessing that if an author signs up here using the same email address as they used to join Micro Blog, their avatar should show up here.

    Just my theory. I’m hoping more authors will reply to verify all of that.

    (corrected 06/18/19)

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