@vanessa working towards a collaborative space for any and all micro bloggers who are interested in music … listening and playing.

if you are a micro blogger – you can have an account that will allow you to post to the site – which then will appear in the micro blog stream and on twitter … others as the community wishes …

WHEN @manton makes categories available as an RSS stream – we will add that – in the meantime – I am playing around with personal categories RSS so that a tag that you choose in your stream can be routed to the site aswell.

All posts are being categorized and tagged so we can find and link later as the site grows

Also a show case for performances form Micro Bloggers

And anything else that the community wants to do.

Bottom line – a public facing site – all about music – that ties back to micro blog.

I have owned Just Good Music for 16 years and I was going to retire it. This was an idea that I had a couple of weeks ago as a rebirth. IF it takes off the site will actually run at that domain – not just point there – but not doing that until I feel there is real traction.

as always GREAT thanks to @joejenett for tech help in making the integrations happen.

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