Nice to see Just Good Music contributions already from SIX Microbloggers;

@hollyhoneychurch | @joejenett | @JohnPhilpin | @simonwoods | @stefp | @BestofTimes 

…. and three more registered. Very much looking forward to what they have to say when the time comes. The variations of music already spans, pop, rock, progressive, hip hop, cross over CandW …

The Home Page As Of June 12th 2019

If you want to find a particular person’s posts, we are building the index here.

I am also intrigued by a thread that @jacob started here.

Time Zone repost: Poll: if you’re a musician 🎵 (play an instrument 🎸🎷🥁🎹, sing 🎤, write 🎼, produce or anything related), professionally or as a hobby, please reply with what you do and a link, if you want to share. I’ll then collect and post a summary.


There are already a number of comments in there that clearly demonstrate that we don’t just have some great music listening going on – but we also have some great music playing going on …. I count singers, including a professional classical Tenor, a harpist, a saxophonist, pianist/organist, and quite a few guitarists.

I am hoping that some of their own work will eventually be featured here.

Onwards. Enjoy.

11 thoughts on “SIX Microbloggers already contributing to Just Good Music … and more to come.

  1. @vanessa working towards a collaborative space for any and all micro bloggers who are interested in music … listening and playing.

    if you are a micro blogger – you can have an account that will allow you to post to the site – which then will appear in the micro blog stream and on twitter … others as the community wishes …

    WHEN @manton makes categories available as an RSS stream – we will add that – in the meantime – I am playing around with personal categories RSS so that a tag that you choose in your stream can be routed to the site aswell.

    All posts are being categorized and tagged so we can find and link later as the site grows

    Also a show case for performances form Micro Bloggers

    And anything else that the community wants to do.

    Bottom line – a public facing site – all about music – that ties back to micro blog.

    I have owned Just Good Music for 16 years and I was going to retire it. This was an idea that I had a couple of weeks ago as a rebirth. IF it takes off the site will actually run at that domain – not just point there – but not doing that until I feel there is real traction.

    as always GREAT thanks to @joejenett for tech help in making the integrations happen.

  2. @JohnPhilpin Hmm, I think I understand, but I generally just post here, via either the app, or my WordPress site. I do have a music category on there, which I can select if I post direct to WordPress, don’t know if I can via the MB app, as it defaults to Micropost (I think). And if I syndicated to yours (which I assume ought to be possible) it would appear here twice. Unless I excluded the music category from my RSS feed (I already do that for the read category), so I guess I could. I shall ponder, though that option would rely on syndication being available & I know there’s no way I could get that working. Already stretching the limits of my knowledge!

  3. @vanessa anything that gets posted through @justgoodmusic is posted as @justgoodmusic – so it won’t appear twice – if you look at that stream – you can see how it is working … and see the site here – but understand it isnt for everyone … if we did decide to take feeds – what you posts tagged music in your stream would appear on the site – I am not sure yet that we want to make it part of the stream from the account – which is why it is sitting on a separate – not qute working – page at the moment

  4. @Cassinato the more the merrier .. Everyone is welcome if you want to be one of the contributors go to Just Good Music click on register in the menu … you become a subscriber .. I get alerted .. I make you an author and away we go. Only rule use the same user name on JGM as you use on micro blog …

    And/Or if you have an RSS stream of music related stuff anywhere send me the URL .. and I will make it part of the widget on the side.

    This part is still being played with at the moment and how it works may change depending on how many URLs and the variety of them.

    I also have other ideas in my head … not yet enabled .. mainly working on whether we have a good overall concept with this … or not.

    **And of course all of the above applies to anyone musically oriented .. performance, listener, commenter … that wants to be part of this.

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