Do you ever think to yourself, “Wow what a great thing it would be to just wake up and immediately do all of the things I want, with everything set up so that I can have the freedom to not think about a bunch of finicky little things”?

Ludovico Einaudi

No, just me? I don’t know, I think there are probably at least a few other people who feel this way. I have finally learned that whenever I find those thoughts creeping into my mind that I have entered an unfortunate state of mind; in these moments I have lost my focus, and likely my drive for whatever it is I am trying to achieve. This feels

Thankfully the act of recognising this for what it is has come also with a solution; Ludovico Einaudi. Not only do I love this man’s work, be it his early albums in the mid-nighties, his work on a variety of film scores, or his triumphant slew of releases in the past decade. It is all so beautiful and simply awesome. I love listening to it, I love having it in the background of my day, and I certainly have discovered that it is fuel for my brain.

It is the perfect accompaniment to any and all task that I need to complete, whether it is part of my work, some simple home admin, or a chore. Since all three of these tasks can in fact be the same thing — such is the life of a carer — it can be important for me to find a common thread, an underlying ever-present source of calm and inspiration.

That is where the work of Einaudi plays a part in my life, in almost every part of my life in fact.

For this I can only say: grazie Maestro.

Note: You can use YouTube to listen to a playlist of four of his earlier albums.

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