Gosh I love this song. Full of positive words and vibrant happy beats. I’d call it conscious reggae. It has gotten me jiving through many a long car journey that’s for sure. Open Up Your Heart by Tubby Love : )

4 thoughts on “🎵 Open Up Your Heart

  1. Not to repeat himself, but this chap has launched a new initiative. Actually – it’s a relaunch. Just Good Music and it is definitely looking a little more complete than it did a week ago.

    It’s … well … about music … and the contributors are beginning to build up some interesting ideas.
    For example Holly Honeychurch – who also happens to be a whizz on the harp – and maybe she will post some of THAT there swell … has now dropped two post linking back to some great music to bounce to. (Some people might choose to dance to it – but this chap is long in the tooth and has dancing years behind him. But bounce he can.
    Holly’s latest post
    All of Holly’s posts.

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