I’m seeking out the many facets of Drum and Bass. I’ve been exploring the genre for a couple of months now. I dance every day. It’s how I feel free. So I wanted to be moved. I wanted to feel energised. I wanted the music to help push my body as far as it could go. Through extraordinary beats and sounds.

I’ve found many jewels. Many sparkles. I’ve been transported back to the 80s with epic guitar riffs. I’ve gone industrial and barely been able to keep up. I’ve soared high and felt the pain and passion of love in a singer’s voice. I’ve journeyed. 

Here’s one of the first tracks that got me going and gave me a funk I never knew I had. 

Get Your Funk On

7 thoughts on “Exploring DnB

  1. @JustGoodMusic It has a great beat – sittin’ here with feet stomping. But I do believe that after a nice cup of full power double espresso, I might get up and reach the point of barely being able to keep up with dancing to it. 😃

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